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2021 Deadlines:

Winter – 1/6/21
Early Spring – 2/19/21
Late Spring – 4/23/21
Summer – 6/25/21
Fall – 8/20/21
Holiday – 10/22/21


Our Towne Guilderland
(518) 356-3898



Interview with John Rodick

Q. What is your phone number and website address?

A. 518-461-7539   www.nosnowny.com

Q. What hours do you operate?

A. 24 hours a day, seven days a week when it’s snowing!

Q. Why did you get into the residential snow business?

A. I love the winter, I love the snow! But besides that, my company’s goal is to make winter easier for people by providing reliable and professional snow removal services. It is very rewarding to help those who struggle with the winter and those who simply don’t have time to deal with it. 

Q. What makes your company different?

A. My team and I always look for new ideas and improved techniques to do our job and to do it better. By using tractors with snowblowers instead of trucks with plows, we get much better results: 

• we do a cleaner job, 

• we don’t tear up your lawn, 

• we don’t leave snow piles.  

What my customers also like about my business is the communication. I clearly spell out how I operate and communicate my plan for each storm. 

Q. We profiled your business before and what’s new and exciting?

A. We purchased another John Deer Tractor and Inverted snowblower bringing our total to 4 which keeps our customer to tractor ratio low. It’s exciting because we only operate in Guilderland and it helps us deliver quicker and more timely service along with bringing more dependability knowing we have enough equipment to service our customers.

Q. When is the best time to sign up for your snow and all-in one services?

A. Any time of year because we operate in all four seasons. We sell snow contracts in July and have people sign up for lawn care in January.

Q. How do you sign up for your services?

A. We have a request a quote form on our website nosnowny.com or you can call me directly at 518-461-7539. Yes, you talk to the owner and if I don’t answer leave me a message. I will call you back!!! I’m a hands-on owner so I may be busy shoveling your walkway or string trimming your grass.

I like to talk to my customers directly to assess their needs and answer their questions. For example, with our snow services if you’re a person that needs to be out by 7am or back in your driveway by 6pm maybe our basic snow services aren’t for you. We can work up a plan and price quote that can meet your needs. 

Sometimes a perspective customer has greater expectations than we can deliver so it’s our job to identify your needs. We would rather lose a potential customer than have an unhappy one that we can’t please. For further information, please check our website nosnowny.com where we clearly spell out how we operate.

We always send out storm alerts and updates when needed. Customers like this because it lets them know our plans. We have hundreds of satisfied customers that just might be your neighbor.

Q. Tell us about your lawn business?

A. We follow the same business model as our snow business which only operates in Guilderland. This allows us to focus on customer service and keeps our pricing very competitive. We offer an all-in-one service that includes our snow services, fall and spring clean ups and lawn mowing for one monthly price. 

Q. What do your customers like about your all- in- one services?

A. I would like to think it’s about our communication and that we always return phone calls. But the biggest reason is our equipment. If you ever watched our tractors and snow blowers clear snow, you would agree it’s the best way to clean a driveway that is full of snow. Most driveways can be cleared in 2 min or less without snow piles or damages to your lawn.

When it comes to lawn care we use smaller mowers that operate at slower speeds giving you a better cut and they don’t compact the soil and tear up the grass like big zero turn mowers. If your property has hills and uneven terrain, our mowers are safer and are designed with a lower center of gravity allowing us to operate better on steep hills.

Our mowing equipment can also be set up with specialized equipment to help with spring and fall clean ups. We can remove large amounts of leaves and yard debris easily allowing our pricing to be very competitive.