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Our Towne Guilderland
(518) 356-3898

Play It Again Sports Latham

Play it Again Sports

Q&A with Dottie Vonk, Play It Again Sport

Q. What year did your business start?Play It Again Sports Latham

A. We opened in 1996.

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located in the Peter Harris Plaza, Latham

Q. What is your phone number and website address?

A. 518 785 6587  and  www.playitagainsportslatham.com

Q. What hours are you open?

A. Mon-Sat 10am-9pm and Sun 11-5

Q. How and why did you get into the business?

A. After losing a job I thought I’d retire in, I decided to try something on my own. I always felt I could do it and I didnt ever want to have regrets. Having two young children, one in sports at the time, I really saw the need in our community for this type of new and used spoting goods store.

Q. How many generations have been running the business?

A. We now have two generations running the business!

Q. Do you have many regular customers?  Is there anything specific that they are always coming in for?

A. Yes, we area destination. Customers come from all over for  great deals and friendly customer service. The store is fun and we keep it upbeat.

Things to know….

  • We are one of the few sporting goods stores left in the area, especially locally owned and not a big box chain.  (We’ve seen them all come and go in 22 years (Sports Authority, Kemps, Goldstocks, Kleins …)
  • We are a full service ski and snowboard tech shop.  We also specialize in cross country, snowshoes, Ice skates, hockey and disc golf just to name a few!
  • We offer our staff ski and snowboard mountain lift ticket privleges.
  • We Buy-Sell-Trade-Consign and Service.
  • We offer New and Used
  • Customers refer to us as a gem in the community!
  • Our goal is to reduce waste and reduce-recycle-reuse

Q. Are you known for anything special?Play It Again Sports Latham

A. Our mom and pop atmosphere, being a locally women-owned business and definitely our selection of new and used skis, snowboards and hockey gear, lacrosse, golf, baseball/softball …

Q. Do you sponsor any local teams, if so which ones?

A. We are always supporting the comunity. We will advertise at a rink, field , on a poster or sport program. We try to spread it around & not play favorites.

Q. What do you love most about the business?

A. Seeing how happy our customers are after seeing what we are all about. Providing opportunites for kids to play a sport when they otherwise may not be able to afford the gear.

Q. What do you think is your biggest challenge with the business?

A. Definitely being a brick & mortar. More people do seem to be returning to brick & mortar for the customer service and personal aspect. Also money spent locally stays locally.

Q. What do you want the community to know about you?

A. That we strive to hire great kids who love sports an provide a great, valuable shopping experience. Also we have recycled tons of gear in 22 years – It’s the right thing to do.