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2021 Deadlines:

Winter – 1/6/21
Early Spring – 2/19/21
Late Spring – 4/23/21
Summer – 6/25/21
Fall – 8/20/21
Holiday – 10/22/21


Our Towne Guilderland
(518) 356-3898

Welcome to Our Towne!

We are a Bi-monthly publication distributed for free by direct mail to 10,000+ homes and businesses and as a leave behind at several area businesses. Our hyperlocal content engages readers and produces strong results for our clients. 

Our position in the print advertising spectrum, between the weekly newspaper and the coupon mailers, is our competitive advantage. Our low-cost allows us to provide a higher circulation than a weekly newspaper and twice the frequency of a coupon mailer, while still mailing direct to homes.

According to the USPS, no matter where your business advertises, research indicates adding direct mail to your marketing mix is the key to bolstering your advertising’s overall impact.  In fact, a DMA study shows that, on average, every $1 a business spends on direct mail can lead to $12 in revenue.

Direct Mail:

Amplifies – Direct mail can boost your digital campaign’s effectiveness by 30%

Inspires – Physical mail earns 37X more responses than email or social media

Sells – Direct mail influences 65% of consumers to make a purchase

Add Our Towne Guilderland to your marketing mix! Our clients love Our Towne’s low-cost/high ROI, and we are pretty sure you will too! Please review the enclosed material and give us a call. We look forward to helping you grow your business in Guilderland.